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“The office staff were very welcoming and helpful with my situation. The assistant, Annette was attentive and took special care to ensure that all of my information was accurate. Dr. Thompson was professional, knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.”
– Marilyn V.

“He gave a through examination, with questions for me to answer and he listened to me about my condition. I felt very comfortable and his staff is amazing.”
– Edith L.

“Dr. Thompson and his staff were excellent. The nurse was amazing and made me feel very comfy. The Doctor was very informative and made sure I understood everything. I would definitely recommend this office.”
– Joy W.

“I had an issue with my knee and went to a doctor prior to Dr.Sean Thompson but, didn’t get the satisfaction that I expected. Therefore, I began searching again and found Dr. Thompson. I must say, I was completely satisfied with his staff, location, office space and most importantly, I was extremely satisfied with my visit, exam and the knowledge I received.”
– Karmishi J.

“I was very impressed with the office and the staff. Some doctors offices are small and cramped. Which for me makes waiting unbearable. At Dr. Thompson’s Hillside office there is plenty of room in the waiting area. Well lit and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Examination room is the same. Plenty of room not small and cramped. Annette was my intake nurse. Very courteous and professional. Dr. Thompson took his time. He has a calming, professional manner.”
– Cynthia B.

“Great doctor and an even better surgeon.”
– Jacques M.

“Dr. Thompson is very professional and he really seeks to help the patient.”
– Latrina M.

“The staff was very friendly. The office is in a convenient location near public transportation. Office was clean and spacious. The wait was just about an hour but I really didn’t mind because I didn’t feel crowded, nor were there any annoying patients. The Dr. examined to see what the problem was and scheduled an MRI. He was friendly but very brief. Not very too talkative but still professional. I have to follow up. This was my first visit,”
– Stephanie R.

“The staff was courteous, efficient and very thorough. Dr. Thompson is very straightforward, knowledgeable and proficient and is also very thorough with his examination. My first impression is that this is a well run practice.”
– Scott G.

“Fairly straightforward. He was efficient and thorough and inquired if I had concerns or questions.”
– Mariet D.

“Very pleasant staff, comfortable and relaxing experieNce,glad I chose Dr. Sean Thompson. He was very professional and sensitive at the same time.”
– Cheryl P.

“My visit was fine, AND to the point. My questions & concerns were answered. He seems kind of like a no nonsense kind of person and that’s ok. I had a knee issue, sought his services and he provided them. Nothing more nothing less. I would recommend him to anyone. Problem had, problem solved, with time anyways.”
– Claudine C.

“Very informative! Straight to the point!”
– Tiffany C.

“The doctor was kind and understanding to your issues.”
– Shantel S.

“Very pleasant doctor to talk to and very concerned about your well being.”
– Phylli J.

“Friendly and helpful receptionist. Thorough and helpful service.”
– Dalila B.

“Dr. Thompson saw me right away and everyone in his office was very friendly and helpful.”
– Kate R.

“The doctor was friendly. Very straight forward. Explained everything in detail. Didn’t beat around the bush.”
– Monique B.

“Very nice doctor listed to my concerns regarding my injuries but wasn’t a provider to assist me in the required treatment options for my sustained injuries. I’d definitely recommend this provider to any one who needs general orthopedic consultation.”
– San Andres S.

“Dr. Thompson was polite, professional and most importantly answered all of my questions and cleared up any concerns I had.”
– Chante D.

“Didn’t even feel like a doctor’s visit more like a close friend concerned about my health. Now I understand the wait and if he treats everyone the way he treated me, I’ll wait as long as it takes because I know when I’m in the exam room with him I have his undivided attention.”
– Ferdinand T.

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